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The R&D work is complete and this new model is ready for sale! Based on a 20 inch baritone ukulele scale length and tuning. This banjo carries a dgbe tuning similar to a standard guitars highest pitched four strings in order. Hence the name, Guitar-Banjo Hybrid. However it has re-entrant tuning (the d string is tuned one octave higher) giving it a much more banjo-like tone and playability. Clawhammer style as well as 3 finger banjo rolls sound fantastic because of this tuning. The great part though, is If you know chords or scales on a guitar or baritone banjolele, you already know them on this banjo. It's been designed to be a guitar or ukulele players natural extension into the banjo world. Thereby enabling you as an artist with a completely new tonal palette to create from. If you have been shopping for a baritone banjolele or banjo guitar hybrid that is an outstanding value and of the highest quality, this is it! Songbird Stringed Instruments builds the best banjo guitar hybrids on the market.



Unique 10" solid hard maple precision block banjo guitar hybrid rim.

Matching hard maple neck with dual integrated carbon fiber reinforcements.

Beautiful Bolivian rosewood fingerboard with mother of pearl dot position markers.

Figured maple peghead overlay

Gotoh planetary banjo tuners

Heavy duty brushed stainless steel tension hoop

High quality rim hardware that is all made in the USA/Canada

Fluorocarbon string set for re-entrant dgbe tuning.

Durable yet supple and smooth hand rubbed oil finish.


This is really a nice instrument that plays just beautifully! It has a slightly warm yet clear/focused old time banjo tone with great sustain, projection and volume. It has a roomy 1 5/16" nut width with a really comfortable neck shape. The action is great for strummers and pickers alike. You'll definitely be impressed with this one!


*Gig bag included*

m20 Banjo Guitar Hybrid/Baritone banjolele (Solid Hard Maple)

$1,400.00 Regular Price
$1,120.00Sale Price
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