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Discover which Songbird model is right for you


Careful consideration and refinement has led to the development of the UBH banjolele. The 10 inch solid wood block rim is unique in the industry and provides increased tonal complexity over smaller rims. These are also built with a 17" tenor scale. This creates an instrument with better balance both physically and aesthetically than traditional banjoleles. 

The GBH became the next logical step in the Songbird banjo hybrid evolution. While technically being based on a 20" baritone ukulele scale with re-entrant DGBE tuning. This instrument utilizes the same 10" solid wood block rim but with a longer neck design and deeper tuning. This offers guitar players familiar chord shapes for an easy transition into banjo playing. Where this differs from the current crop of traditional 6 string banjitars is the elimination of the wound E and A strings, as well as raising the D string tuning one octave. This new 4 string design really comes closer to traditional banjo tone and appearance than the 6 string versions have previously been able to. If you are looking to add another instrument to your repertoire but don't want to learn an entirely new tuning, and confuse your current guitar playing, this is the instrument designed specifically for you.

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