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Guitar banjo hybrids
(a.k.a. baritone banjolele)
Model 20 &20C

The Guitar-Banjo hybrid has arrived!

Songbird USA guitar banjo hybrid also known as a baritone banjolele. Songbird Stringed Instruments is the only manufacturer of a baritone banjolele that utilizes a 10 inch rim size.
Image of a Songbird Stringed Instruments banjitar also known as a guitjo or guitar banjo hybrid. These are actually a baritone banjolele also. We are one of the only manufacturers of a baritone banjolele.
Picture of a Songbird model 20 baritone banjo ukulele or banjolele. These are the only baritone banjoleles manufacturered with a larger banjo rim than a traditional banjolele.
Songbird Stringed Instruments custom, luthier built, guitar banjo hybrid also known as a banjitar or guitjo. These are designed on a baritone banjolele platform.
Baritone banjolele also known as a guitar banjo hybrid with a frailing scoop for clawhammer style playing. This instrument was custom made in the USA by Luthier Jamie Ryan of Songbird Stringed Instruments of Nebraska
Closeup photo of a gorgeous USA luthier built baritone banjolele from Songbird Stringed Instruments. This is also known as a banjitar. Songbird is one of the only manufacturers of a baritone banjolele. We can accomplish this design because of our larger than standard 10 inch rim size.
Image of a Songbird Stringed Instruments baritone banjolele neck with figured maple and padauk woods. Made in the USA.
Image of a beautiful walnut custom guitar banjo hybrid built by luthier Jamie Ryan at Songbird Stringed Instruments model 20C. This is based on the design of a baritone banjolele.
Pic of a stunning banjo guitar hybrid also known as a banjitar built by Songbird Stringed Instruments utilizing our proprietary 10 inch rim.

m20 Specs                                    $1400


Unique 10” handcrafted solid maple precision block rim.


Coordinating hard maple neck with dual integrated carbon fiber reinforcements. 

Rosewood fingerboard with mother of pearl dot position markers and figured maple peghead overlay. 

19 nickel frets with a special cryogenic treatment making them smoother and longer lasting. 

Synthetic bone nut with approximately a 1 5/16" width. 

Custom fluorocarbon string set with re-entrant dgbe tuning. 


20" scale length. 

Premium American & Canadian made hardware from companies like Balsam Banjoworks.


Remo brand banjo head. 


Gotoh planetary geared tuners. 

Beautiful yet durable hand rubbed oil finish.

m20C Specs                                 $TBD  


m20C is the custom version of the baritone banjolele/guitar-banjo hybrid. The same hand-crafted solid wood instrument but with unlimited design possibilities! Most of which are completely unique in the industry! 

A large variety of rim and neck wood choices both domestic and exotic.


Decorative rim patterns.

Open segments and player side sound ports.  

A variety of fingerboard wood choices.

Custom engraving and inlay available.


Custom banjo heads and hardware are also available.


The sky is really the limit here and this is where things can get incredibly unique + tailored to your own comfort, style and aesthetic.


Let's create something beautiful! 


Interested in your own custom build?

Careful consideration and refinement have led to the development of the model 20 Guitar Banjo Hybrid also known as a Baritone Banjolele. The 10-inch solid wood block rim is unique in the industry and provides increased tonal complexity over traditional banjo ukuleles or banjitars. Additionally, the instrument has great balance physically and aesthetically. One detail that really makes this instrument come alive is that it utilizes a 4-string re-entrant tuning (DGBE) where the d string is tuned one octave higher than on a standard guitar. This approximates a traditional banjo sound much better than previously possible with a typical 6-string guitar banjo tuned in a linear (EA-DGBE) fashion. Having this, you are equipped to play clawhammer style or 3 finger banjo rolls that sound fantastic! If you have been shopping for a high-quality baritone banjolele or banjitar/guitjo, you have found the perfect instrument! Whether you opt for the m20 model or possibly an m20C custom model, you will be getting a no compromise, luthier built, banjo hybrid that will last a lifetime. These are truly a joy to play and offer an outstanding value for a handmade instrument of this quality.

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